The Best Folding Electric Scooters in 2020

If you owned a kick scooter back in the day, you know how fun they could be. You kicked, the scooter would propel you at top speed, and it was an easy way to get from point A to point B when you were a kid.

But now you’re an adult, and the kick scooter has grown with you. The electric scooter has been a phenomenon in the past few years, with even ride sharing services devoted to them. In a bustling city, the electric scooter is an easy way for you to travel without having to be stuck in traffic. Plus, they are much better for the environment.

Of course, when you’re in a city, especially when traveling, those scooters can take up too much space. That’s why some genius invented the folding scooter. You simply fold it into a more compact shape and take it with you. The foldable electric scooter makes traveling those tough cities even easier.

This post will help you find the right folding electric scooter for you. Not all folding electric scooters are created equal, after all. We’ll tell you the top five best folding electric scooters for your needs. But first, let’s look at what you should look for in a foldable electric scooter.

What Should I Look for When Buying Folding Electric Scooter?

Now, let’s talk about what to look for in a foldable electric scooter.

It Has to Fold

This is the most obvious one. Some electric scooters are not that compact. A good folding electric scooter will be easy to fold and unfold, but will be secure while you’re traveling. You can usually look at pictures to see how the electric scooter folds, as well as a video demonstration.

Most scooters will have an easy fold that takes about three seconds. This means that you don’t have to do much work in order to get your scooter to fold. With that said, some scooters also have more features that can make your experience awesome. For example, some of them have a caddy, which means you can drag them without having to carry them by hand.

Weight Capacity

If you’re a bigger person, you need to be mindful of the weight capacity of the electric scooter. On average, an electric scooter can hold around 200 pounds. There are some scooters that can hold more. Even if you’re under the weight limit, you may want a bigger weight capacity in case if you have to carry something heavy.

With an electric scooter, you never want to push the limits of the weight capacity. Well, you don’t want to test the weight limit of anything, but especially with an electric scooter. You may end up slowing down at best, or having your scooter fall apart at worst. And that’s not something you want to happen.

Top Speed

Most electric scooters aren’t going to go super fast. When you’re in a city and are driving on the sidewalks, you may be going at about 15 miles an hour, which is good for that area. However, you may want a higher top speed. There are some electric scooters out there that can hit 50 MPH or even more. Chances are, you may want something that’s a little in-between.

With any top speed, you also have to remember that the top speeds can vary depending on your weight, the slope, and several other factors. You may not reach the max speed of the scooter depending on who you are or where you live, so don’t be too disappointed if your scooter that claims to go up to 15 miles an hour can only go to 13.

Battery Life

The folding electric scooter runs on a lithium battery, but not all batteries are equal, with battery life varying. Some scooters, especially cheap ones, may not even last half an hour. Others can go nearly 30 miles before it needs a recharge.

Besides battery, you do need to know how long the lithium battery needs to recharge. Some are ready to go in a couple of hours, while others may take 12 hours. You can get a full night’s sleep, and your scooter still isn’t fully ready. Ouch. Meanwhile, there are other scooters that can fast charge.

Looking for a scooter that has overcharge protection is also important. Some electric scooters can overcharge, meaning that your battery drains because it has too much power. While phones and other electronic devices don’t have to worry about that too much, this is a problem with a lot of electric scooters. Sometimes, the scooter will have a maximum charging time. If you see that, you should not try to test it, as you may end up losing power.

How Does It Feel?

Most scooters are designed to provide a smooth experience, but other foldable electric scooters may not feel good on a bumpy or hilly road. A good foldable electric scooter is going to have consistent performance, even when the road is a little unsmooth.

How the Brakes Feel

We shouldn’t have to explain why brakes are important. Even if you’re going down the street at 15 MPH, crashing into a wall can still hurt. Electric scooter brakes can be electric magnetic or be the traditional hand clutch. Your brakes should also be able to work should the scooter run out of electric power.


In the case of dark, cloudy, or rainy days, you need a scooter that has a good LED headlight system. Good lights should allow you to see without draining your battery too much. A good LED headlight system will also have easy controls. Some types of LED headlight may be automatic, saving you less time.

Smart Features

Nowadays, every electronic device has some kind of smartphone integration, and electric scooters are no exception. You can find an electric scooter that has the ability to lock it from your phone. They can also give you some insights into how much battery life the scooter has left.

Electric scooters with smart features can also be upgraded to give you a better experience overall.

Intuitive Screen

Most scooters come with an LED monitor or something similar. It should give you all the details of the scooter riding experience. It should tell you how many MPH you’re going and how long your battery will last until it’s empty. In addition, the screen may tell you the time you’ve spent riding it.

Some screens are a little simpler, while others may give you a complex list of features.

Waterproof Rating

You should also look for a scooter that has a strong waterproof rating. There are many situations where you may end up in a rainstorm and you need to protect your scooter. However, many scooters may not be up for the challenge. This is why you need a scooter that is at least water resistant. While many scooters may not be able to be submerged in standing water, they should be able to handle a light rain at the very least. Trust us when we say this is something you need to worry about.


Finally, it’s important you pick an electric scooter that fits your budget. You may not need the most expensive scooter out there, but on the other hand, buying a cheap one can lead to several problems. Find the foldable electric scooter that fits your budget comfortably.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Folding Electric Scooters

We tried to pick from a variety of foldable electric scooters. From cheaper ones to luxury, we have several that should fit your budget. We tried to anticipate several of your needs as well, including whether or not kids are involved. Finally, we looked at the reviews and didn’t pick any scooter that had under 4 stars with the exception of the best budget on this list. Anyway, let’s now list the top five scooters.

#1: Glion Dolly (Best Value – All-Purpose)

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The number one product on these lists is a product that is designed to provide the most quality for most people – all with a budget that is mid-range. This scooter fits all those criteria quite well. It has a lithium ion battery that has a top speed of 15 mph and a range of 15 miles. This means that you should be able to get a good hour in before it needs to be recharged.

With recharging, it only takes about 3.25 hours, making it one of the faster charging scooters. It has a couple of brakes that don’t need any maintenance. The rubber tires require no air, meaning that they are quite durable.

What makes this folding electric scooter unique is that not only can you fold it, but it becomes a dolly. This means you can roll it just like a suitcase. In other words, you don’t have to do any carrying when you are traveling. It’s that easy.

While this is the top scooter on Amazon for most people, what do the reviews say? This folding electric scooter has mostly positive reviews on Amazon. Many reviewers say that this folding scooter is convenient and lasts a good time. The customer service is also praised. Some reviewers did say it wasn’t the best ride, but that’s why it’s a mid-range. There are definitely smoother scooters out there, including the next one below. However, this is the best if you want that right balance.

Overall, this is a good electric scooter to start off with if you’re looking for the best electric scooter that folds. It has all the basics someone needs, with a cost that is the perfect balance between quality and value. Not only that, but the caddy feature is a unique add-on that other foldable scooters lack. That is why this is number one on this list. With that said, we do believe that number two is objectively better, and we’ll explain why.

#2: Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX (Best Machine)

When you think of Segway, you probably think of those two-wheeled electric vehicles. However, Segway also makes foldable electric scooters as well. If you have a higher budget and you want to splurge on a pricier scooter, you can’t go wrong with this one.

This foldable electric scooter has a 350W motor, which is quite powerful. It can reach 18.6 MPH, making traveling through most cities a cinch. It has a distance of 40.4 miles, too. For foldable electric scooters, this is one of the best ranges you can get. This scooter also has fast charging for its lithium ion battery as well.

Its folding mechanism works like a charm, too. It can fold in three seconds to allow it to be quite portable.

This folding electric scooter has several quality of life features that you’d expect from a deluxe scooter. It has Bluetooth support and the ability for cruise control, allowing you to keep a consistent speed. It has a mobile app that lets you lock it and install more security features as well. This folding electric scooter has firmware updates as well.

The 10 inch pneumatic tires on the scooter can handle rough terrain and can self-heal. This makes the Segway Ninebot a sturdy scooter that can make driving easy and fun.

Reviews of the Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX have been quite positive. Most say that it is a quality folding scooter if you have a higher budget. It’s easy to ride, has convenient features like cruise control and app support, and works well. Some people say that the range isn’t as good in practice. One person rated it a negative score because they tightened the bolt too much and it broke off, which seems more of their fault.

Also, when ordering this scooter, it may take a month to ship, at least on Amazon, so be aware of that. You may be better off looking for this scooter from another retailer. This problem is not present with most of the scooters on this list, with most taking shorter time to get there.

Overall, this is one of the best scooters on Amazon. When it comes to more expensive electric scooters, there are others you can find if you go to an authorized retailer. Some will cost thousands and feel more like small cars than electric scooters. However, for travel, you rarely have to spend that much for a travel scooter. With that said, we’d like to inform you that there are much more expensive scooters on the market.

#3: Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E10 (Best Luxury Kids’ Scooter)

Folding electric scooters are not just for adults. Kids love them as well. Gone are the kick scooter days where kids had to put effort in; today’s kids’ scooters are stylish and can let them travel around the block.

This scooter is more meant for bigger kids to early teens – so around 8-14 years. Being for a younger audience, this scooter only goes up to 10 mph, and it can’t travel too far – a little over 6 miles. Its weight limit is also 132 pounds and the height limit is 5’3″.

Being for kids, this is one of those electric scooters that has a smooth ride and easy brakes. It’s also very foldable and easily portable. It weighs 18.7 pounds, meaning that a bigger kid should be able to carry it with ease. This scooter even comes with cruise control, which is something you’d expect from a more luxurious scooter.

As of this writing, there have yet to be any reviews on this scooter. However, being Segway, we expect quality electric scooters, even for kids. You can look at the reviews of the previous scooter to get a good idea of what you can expect.

One thing you do have to remember about kids’ scooters is that many adult scooters may work for them, especially if you have an older or bigger kid. With a kids’ scooter, you may not be able to get much use out of it once the child hits puberty and there are no younger children the child could pass the scooter to. Unless the child ends up being under the height and weight limit when they are grown, always be a little mindful of that. With that said, this is one of the best scooters solely meant for kids, so check it out.

#4: Gotrax GXL V2 (Best Low Cost)

Finding a budget folding electric scooter is a bit of a challenge, but we found one that doesn’t cost too much. Maybe you’re only going to use a folding scooter for the occasional travel, or perhaps you have a new job and need something for a commute, but you don’t have much money. The Gotrax GXL is good for both situations.

This scooter has a battery that can travel up to 12 miles. This isn’t the best battery, but it may work for people who don’t have to travel too far. This scooter can travel a little over 15 mph as well, making it decent for speed. For recharging, it takes a respectable four hours.

This scooter has 8.5 inch pneumatic tires as well, making it good for some tough terrain. It has a simple LED display that gives you the stats and allows you to control the headlight with ease. The Gotrax GXL has a dual breaking system. And since this is a foldable scooter, it has a folding design that can provide a means for easy transportation.

Reviews on the Gotrax GXL scooter are a little mixed. Normally, we select products that have gotten 4 or more stars on Amazon. However, this one is currently around 3.5. This is because it’s hard to find a folding electric scooter for under $300 that’s highly rated.

Positive reviews say that this electric scooter works well for the price, with decent control, LED display, and a good feel. Negative reviews say that the scooter can’t reach top speed, or has problems keeping a charge or having pneumatic tires that won’t go flat. One thing to be mindful of is that the battery is easy to overcharge, so charging the scooter overnight may not be a good move.

Overall, this is one of those electric scooters that you may want to hold off on unless your budget is really that thin. However, it’s still the best budget one on this list.

Also, if you want a better scooter that is cheaper, consider buying them used. You may be able to buy some scooters off Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. However, you should be mindful of them and make sure they work well. Some people are just selling their scooters because they are upgrading or need money. Others have scooters that are broken, and they will try to dress them up in order to convince you that they work well. As the old saying goes, buyer beware.

#5: Overwhelming Upgrade E100 (Best Budget for Kids)

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If you have children who are around 6-12 years old, they can get on the foldable electric scooter action too. This electric scooter is good for younger kids who want to travel around the neighborhood, and it’s great for an older child who wants to travel around town a little.

Being for kids, this isn’t the fastest scooter around, with speeds up to 10 miles an hour. However, for a child, this is more than enough. This scooter has a lithium ion battery that provides up to an hour of use, or 8 miles. The lithium ion battery takes around 6-8 hours to charge, meaning it’s an easy overnight operation.

The scooter also has a decent weight capacity. If your kid is heavier or you have an older kid that is hitting their growth spurt, it should carry up to 160 pounds. It’s also good for kids up to 5 and a half feet tall.

What about its folding system? It takes about three seconds to fold it, and it weighs 20 pounds, making the scoter decently portable.

You do get a year warranty as well, which is great if you’re worried your kid may find a way to break it.

This foldable electric scooter has had positive reviews, with no negative score as of this posting. Most parents say the scooter was perfect for their child, with decent performance and battery life. The lowest review was by a kid who complained that the scooter was poor with getting up hills.

Overall, this is a good scooter if your kid needs a ride and you don’t want to spend too much. Even so, your kid will still be quite cool. This is a quality scooter for the price. Like we said with the other kids’ scooter, you should make sure that there aren’t any adult scooters that may work for your child as well, since there’s a chance that your kid may outgrow the scooter.

On a Budget? Try These:

Here are several cheaper electric scooters. Cheapie scooters can be good for a temporary fix, but we won’t attest to their quality. Always be on the cautious side when purchasing them. Anyway, let’s now look at several chapie scooters.

#1 Budget: Hover 1

This folding electric scooter isn’t the fanciest, but works well, offering a respectable battery life and speed for the price. Reviews are positive as well. This scooter has decent stats, and it even has some extra goodies like a Bluetooth speaker. You can find this budget folding electric scooter at any Best Buy, so hop to it. It may be good if you’re trying to commute but you want to spend as little as possible.

#2 Budget: Swagtron Electric Glide

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This is one of the cheapest around, particularly for kids. While this electric scooter isn’t the fanciest, it’s good if your kid has had a hankering for a scooter, electric or kick, and you want to get them one that is quite cheap. Check it out.

#3 Budget: Gymax Scooter

Yeah, we don’t trust this one either, but if you want the cheapest folding electric scooter around, check out the Wish. This scooter doesn’t go too fast, doesn’t last for too long, and has a low weight limit despite claiming to be for teens and up. However, if you want the cheapest folding electric scooter around, this is the one to get. Just remember that it may take a while for the scooter to come in the mail.

Honestly, this one may be great if you are a reviewer and need some content. It may end up being a funny review. If you don’t crash, that is.

How to Fold a Scooter

When you have a scooter, simply read the instructions to see how you can fold it. Most foldable scooters have a quick fold button or another way to fold it and keep it folded. Simply follow those instructions. If you’re still confused, you may need to look at a video or contact customer support.

Even if you know how to fold it, you should always read the instructions carefully regardless. Sometimes, the electric scooter may have an extra step to prevent a folded scooter from unintentionally unfolding. Always be safe.

Can You Drive a Foldable Electric Scooter in the Rain?

With light rain, most foldable scooters can withstand that. However, driving into standing water, or being in heavy rain, could damage the scooter. Always see how water resistant the scooter is before buying, and go to a shelter should it rain too much. In addition, you need to keep it covered when you are storing the scooter.

Who Sells Electric Scooters?

Nowadays, you can find high quality electric scooter in most stores that sell electronics. Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers are a few examples.

What Is the Best Electric Scooter?

On this list, we believe that the segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX is the best electric scooter. However, there are other scooters on the market that may be better. For example, you can find some scooters that cost thousands.

Honestly, though, the best electric scooter is the one that fits your needs. If you’re on a budget and you don’t want to buy one that is too expensive, there’s something for you in the market.

Verdict: Your Best Folding Electric Scooters

And there we have it. We scooted all throughout the shopping land and found five electric scooters that we believe are the best around. In case you had your cruise control on and were going too fast past our list, here are the top five folding scooters.

First, there’s the Glion Dolly. This is a folding scooter that is good for most mid-range budgets. It has a decent speed, recharging time, and positive reviews. If you’re wanting a quality folding scooter, this is the first you should look for.

Second, we have the Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX. This is the best folding scooter for higher budgets. It gets the most miles on a single charge, it has the smoothest ride, and it has several smart features that make it feel like a luxury vehicle. Plus, it has cruise control and nice 10 inch tires. If you have a little extra money, this folding scooter is for you. There are more expensive scooters out there, but this is the best one for travel.

Third, there’s the Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E10. This is like the previous folding scooter, but meant for older kids and young teens. If you want your kid to travel in style, this is the scooter for them. With a simple folding design and its decent speed for a kids’ scooter, it’s worth checking out.

Fourth, we have the Gotrax GXL. This scooter is a cheaper one with the basics, from a simple LED display to the minimal travel needed for a functional scooter. While it’s not the best reviewed, these scooters provide a means for people with low budgets to travel. Check it out if you don’t have much to spend.

Finally, we have the Overwhelming Upgrade. This scooter is a cheaper kids’ unit, and unlike the other one, it’s meant for younger to older kids. It has all the features you need, all for a cheap price range and simple folding design. If you have a kid, this is definitely an electric folding scooter that is well worth considering. Check it out and see if it’s for your kids.

In conclusion, electric folding scooters are convenient, and if you live in a big city or travel a lot, you should invest some time into figuring out the one you need. A good folding scooter can allow you to travel in a metropolis with ease without having to take a crowded bus or sit in traffic all day.

With that said, always look at the laws in the area you’re at to make sure you’re in the clear, and get yourself a scooter with enough speed and sufficient range to make it to your destination.

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