The Best Three Wheel Motorized Scooter of 2020

Technology continues to improve and enhance our daily lives. One piece of equipment that has improved by leaps and bounds is scooters. Scooters, whether bought for mobility or leisure, are now designed utilizing easy-to-use motor operating systems. This makes it easier to maneuver, even for those with disabilities. The innovative three-wheel design adds to ease of operation. Three wheels ensure a better glide and smoother turns with complete control.

Finding the electric scooter that is right for you is key. It can completely change the way you get around, whether you’re grocery shopping or sight-seeing and everything in between.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Three Wheel Motorized Scooter?

When choosing a three wheel electric scooter, it is important to pay attention to the features. Some may be best for those with higher weight. Others are ultra-lightweight and compact, which is best for those who travel often. Pay attention to the price tag, too, as this can have a heavy impact on your choice.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Three Wheel Motorized Scooter

We sifted through Amazon to find the best 3 wheel electric scooters on the market. These have proven to be the best in the business due to their abilities, functionality, and features. We also took a look at what reviewers said about the product, paying attention to what they loved about the product and more importantly, what they didn’t.

#1: Drive Medical Spitfire Scout 3 Compact Travel Scooter (Best Value)

The Drive Medical Spitfire Scout 3 Compact Travel Scooter ranked as our #1 best value. Even a reviewer claimed it was the “Best Value I Found in a Mobility Scooter”. That’s a review you simply can’t argue with. But why does this particular three-wheel device rank as the best value machine? Let’s take a closer look.

This Drive Medical scooter makes things easy by providing the battery and charger. This simply means you spend less. You will also have confidence knowing that you purchased a scooter that has a compatible battery and charger that’s ready to be used. Absolutely no hangups or confusion.

Secondly, it’s designed for comfort. The armrests are entirely adjustable. They come pre-padded to enhance your comfort and convenience. The swivel seat is also easily adjusted with a fold-down backrest. This allows for a superior fit with the right amount of legroom.

At the front of the scooter, you will find a large plastic basket that’s perfect for carrying around all of your important items. It also makes grocery shopping a breeze. Simply toss in your favorite items upfront and you will be ready to check out in no time.

With a set of non-marking front and rear tires that are anti-tipping, you can feel more confident in your stride. They are also flat-free for your convenience in operation.

Anyone who is looking for a lightweight scooter that is highly portable will value this 3 wheel Drive Medical device. It comes with the amenities you need – such as comfort and ease of use – without being too expensive. It has over 200+ positive reviews on Amazon.

The only major drawback to this scooter is that it doesn’t come with a very long warranty for the motor. The warranty is only 14 months, and some reviews claim that the motor went out at around 2 years. The price of the motor is fairly expensive. This made it quite a hassle for those who purchased this model. The good news is, this isn’t a very commonly occurring issue.

#2: Glion SNAPnGO 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter (Best Three Wheel Scooter)

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To find the best three-wheel scooter, we looked at how innovative the machine was and what features it had to offer the driver. We found that the Glion SNAPnGO 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter had top-of-the-line features combined with functionality and portability. It combines everything you love about other scooters into one must-have device. If you’re willing to pay a little extra for innovation, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Reason #1 to Choose This Product – Reliable and Practical

Practicality is a must when purchasing electric scooters. You want to make sure that the electric scooter has enough power to get you going where you need to go as well as long-range capacity. Well, the Gilon SNAPnGO has both. This scooter comes with a 15-mile range with just a single charge. It’s also known for a superior turning radius. With a 7 mile per hour top speed (which can be programmed to 10 miles per hour) and a turning radius you can count on, it’s easy to maneuver through any store, mall, or street with ease.

It’s also a durable model made with a frame crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. This sturdy material ensures that this electric scooter can handle a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. With a powder coat, the electric scooter is not only sturdy and reliable, but corrosion-resistant too.

Take your electric scooter on the go? After a single charge or using up all of the battery charge, you can easily disassemble the electric scooter in seconds. There are no complicated instructions, and the equipment stores easily in the back of almost any car. Simply remove the seat, fold down the frame, and store. This allows for complete practicality and portability wherever you go. Don’t worry – reassembly is just as easy, too.

The seat comes fully padded to ensure comfort while you ride. This only adds to the practicality of this device. You will also enjoy fully padded armrests to relax while you’re on-the-go.

Reason #2 to Choose This Product – Safe and Simple

Finding electric scooters that are safe and simple is key, too. Well, this one ensures that you have both. Use the controls on the handlebars to move forward and backward with ease. Release the controls, and the default electric braking system starts working right away for a smooth and controlled stop. There are also LED lights located on the front and rear of the electric scooter to enhance overall safety.

All in all, this is a top-of-the-line model that pairs comfort and practicality with portability. It’s the “all in one” scooter that anyone would enjoy using. In fact, it was hard to find any negative reviews on this scooter. Reviewers claimed “If Tesla made scooters it would look like this” and “Great Lightweight Scooter”. The only drawback we could find was that some users wish the controls were a single unit instead of paired separately. This is a personal preference, though.

#3: Miller Supply, Inc. EWheels (EW-36) 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter (Best for Speed)

If you’re looking for speed as your number one must-have, look no further than the Miller Supply, Inc. EWheels 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter. It is known as being “one of the fastest mobility scooters” on the market. It has the ability to go up to a whopping 18 miles per hour. This is much faster than the competition with most electric scooters tapping out under 15 miles per hour. It can run up to 45 miles at a time before needing to be charged using the smart charger.

Aside from speed, another major benefit of this 3 wheel electric scooter is that it can handle a weight capacity up to 350 pounds. This adds to the versatility of these scooters, making them enjoyable and reliable for individuals of all sizes.

Comfort-wise, this product comes with a perfectly cushioned seat and armrests complete with an adjustable headrest. Never worry about a smooth ride with this product. This 3 wheel scooter comes equipped with an innovative braking system that is found in the front and rear of the scooter. This ensures there are no mishaps along the way.

To enhance the experience in terms of convenience and safety, the Miller Supply, Inc. EWheels 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter also comes with a headlight and battery indicator. This allows you to see clearly during night hours and stay up-to-date on the life of your battery. Lastly, shock absorbers have been installed to ensure a smooth ride each and every time.

With an innovative 3 wheel machine such as this, it can be a worry that it might get stolen. This is especially true considering the product is not cheap. But the Miller Supply company understands these concerns – and that’s why each scooter comes with an anti-theft alarm to keep thieves away and keep you alerted.

Overall, this quick-speed product is sure to be a hit for anyone who uses it. It’s versatile, integrated with high-end technology like shock absorbers and anti-theft protection, and also ensures comfort. However, some users have mentioned that they thought the scooter was too close to the ground. This, of course, is a personal preference and many others have found these to be superior 3 wheel electric scooters.

#4: Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride (Best Low Cost)

It’s no secret that mobility scooters tend to be expensive. Most of them will cost well over $1,000, with some sliding past $2,000, too. But that doesn’t mean there are no options for those on a budget. The Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride proves you can get top-of-the-line scooters without spending such amounts.

Let’s start off by discussing the speed. This is a 3 wheel scooter that can only handle speeds of up to 4 miles per hour. This is an important aspect to note. This may be the ideal speed for some individuals, such as seniors, but others might find it to be too slow. It comes with a driving range of 6.3 miles in total. The weight capacity is also a bit less than other scooters, with a weight capacity of just 275 pounds. The lower weight capacity isn’t always a negative, depending on your needs.

Some of the major advantages of these 3 wheel electric scooters are that they are designed to be lighter weight than other scooters on the market. This allows for superior maneuverability and portability, perfect for those who intend to travel often. It works for indoor and outdoor use, and the three-wheel styling easily glides into tight spaces and allows for an overall sharper turning radius.

Maximum comfort is another important feature on this best low cost 3 wheel electric scooter. The seat comes fully-padded with a modern faux leather. The seat is easily adjustable to suit users of all heights. Armrests are fully padded as well, and conveniently flip up or down for ease of exiting and boarding. There is also a handy plastic bucket up front to hold all of your essentials.

This 3 wheel scooter is a steal. It comes with 300+ positive reviews, with reviewers stating things like “Such a great ride!” and “The best decision we ever made”. Most reviews are positive, although some have stated that it needs repairs more often than not.

#5: E-Wheels 3-Wheel Electric Scooter EW-18 Stand n Ride Scooter 3-Wheel (Best 2-in-1)

If you are looking for something with a bit more style and stride, then the E-Wheels EW-18 Stand n Ride Scooter may be the best option. It’s slick and modern, which is ideal for those who want something small and trendy. It can work with the younger generation who may be dealing with mobility issues due to a disability or other illnesses. They will be able to ride in style while spending less.

It’s not just about style when it comes to these 3 wheel electric scooters, though. This scooter comes with a powerful brushless hub motor that allows for maximum power of 400 watts and 36 volts. These impressive numbers calculate to 15 miles per hour speeds with a 25-mile range. This makes it one of the fastest 3 wheels scooters on the market, perfect for the younger crowd that does not want to give up speed.

Not only is this scooter fast, but it’s also extremely versatile. The three-wheel scooter is specifically designed with a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. Even if the pound limit is almost reached, the scooter won’t fail when it comes to speed. This is a definite advantage as you don’t want to hinder mobility simply based off of weight.

These 3 wheel electric scooters are also designed with convenience in mind for the driver. On the handlebars, you have everything you need – the battery gauge to stay up-to-date on battery percentage, a simple headlight switch for safety, and a bell to ensure everyone knows you’re coming from behind them.

Perhaps the best feature of this scooter is the fact that the seat is entirely removable. This makes it the only sit OR stand scooter on this list. This adds to the versatility of the product. Use it as a sit-down scooter when driving through the mall or office and switch to standup mode when you’re gliding down the sidewalks. Children and adults who need assistance will enjoy these additional features.

There is so much to enjoy about this three-wheel scooter. Not only is it modern, sleek, and easy to use, but it’s versatile to accommodate different weights and riding styles. The seat is 15 inches wide, making it comfortable for just about anyone. It glides with ease, and the simple set of controls ensures your ride is smooth every time.

Most reviewers have had positive comments about this device. However, some stated that the product was a bit on the heavier side which was an inconvenience. Others said that the basket in front was a solid color instead of striped. These are minor inconveniences, though, and many have said that they have had endless positive rides using this best 3 wheel scooter.

On a Budget? Try These:

Anyone who has ever purchased electric scooters will know right away that they tend to be expensive. Most are well over $1,000. But we have compiled a list of the best products for less than $800. Don’t worry, though – these products do not compromise on quality or features. They simply allow for the biggest bang for your buck.

#1 Budget: Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Scooter

The Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Scooter is one of the least expensive models on the market. It is one of the smaller, sleeker scooters on the market, which many consumers will enjoy. The smaller size ensures that it is lightweight, entirely portable, and easy to use.

Although cost-effective and more slender and “basic” than other scooters, the Shoprider model still comes with its own perks. In fact, these best 3 wheel models for less handle a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds which is impressive considering the size. The battery is also easily removed and can be charged for several hours to extend the life.

In terms of comfort, you will enjoy a fully padded leather seat. It is entirely adjustable to suit different height levels. When not in use, the scooter disassembles into three pieces – with the heaviest one weighing only 35 pounds. This allows you to move the three-wheel electric scooter with ease.

There are many positive reviews about this equipment. The only drawback is that it doesn’t do too well on rough surfaces. It can create an uncomfortable ride as there is no shock absorbency.

#2 Budget: TopMate ES30 3-Wheel Electric Scooter Mini Foldable Tricycle

These scooters are unlike anything you will find on this list. This is an extremely compact and versatile 3 wheel electric scooter, which can also be described as a tricycle for adults. This is the updated version of the original TopMate Electric Scooter design, which means it comes with some new-and-improved features that you will love. The most prominent feature is likely the key-to-start feature replacing the original push button.

This state-of-the-art electric three-wheel scooter is extremely lightweight (only 30 pounds) and compact without failing in terms of comfort. The cushion is designed thicker than ever before with the front grip lengthened to provide optimal comfort levels. It is also easily folded up and can be dragged across the ground, making it a cinch for anyone to transport this unique scooter.

Although this scooter is small, it doesn’t mean it can’t handle a wide variety of riders. However, it is recommended for those under 70.87 inches and those under 80 years old. This is simply because these particular mobility scooters require a certain amount of basic balancing. It can also handle a weight capacity of up to 220.5 pounds, which is fairly surprising for this style.

Aside from comfort, style, and maneuverability, the TopMate ES30 3-Wheel Electric Scooters also come with a durable, reliable battery that can last up to 18 miles with a single charge. Charging only takes 3 to 4.5 hours total, so you can spend less time waiting around and more time riding around town.

Overall, the TopMate ES30 3-Wheel Electric Scooters are handy and compact. You can take them almost anywhere, and they can be stored with ease. They are extremely versatile and unique compared to other types of mobility scooters. The scooter has had multiple positive reviews, but one important thing to mention is that it does require balance. If you do not have balancing skills, then this one should be avoided.

#3 Budget: Vive 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

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If you are looking for something more sturdy and reliable than the aforementioned “tricycle”, then you will enjoy the Vive 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter. These scooters have the appearance and feel of the “high-end” and expensive models without the price tag. This scooter sells for under $700, actually, which is less than half of some of the leading scooters (which can be over $2,000).

What’s to love about these scooters? Let’s take a look:

  • Safe and easily maneuvered. This scooter is a cinch to operate and will provide a smooth ride over any smooth surface. It has a weight capacity of up to 265 pounds, which is a competitive number that allows for plenty of versatility in users. The tires are also designed to be non-marking and flat-free with a superior turning radius you won’t find on other models. The maximum speed is 3.7 miles per hour with 12.4 miles per charge, which is less than the competition.
  • Highly comfortable. The seat is lightly padded and offers 16.9 inches of sitting room. It’s fully adjustable. It comes complete with a backrest and armrests with added cushion.
  • Portable. The Vive Scooter can easily separate into four pieces for ease of portability.
  • Innovative control panel. The control panel is designed for convenience. Here, you can set the maximum speed as well as a variable speed. You will also be able to change direction, turn the headlight on, and produce a warning tone when necessary. The battery life indicator is also found on the display.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. A major benefit of these scooters is that they offer a 5-year limited guarantee. Others may only offer 2 years or less.

This scooter had so many positive reviews it was hard to find any difficulty to say about it. The only real issue is that the battery life isn’t as long as other batteries on the market. This can be frustrating for some individuals.


If you want the best value for money, pick the Drive Medical Spitfire Scout 3 Compact Travel Scooter.

If you need speed, pick the Miller Supply, Inc. EWheels (EW-36) 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter.

If you want to keep the spend under $700, pick the Vive 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter.

Whether you need an electric scooter that can be ridden through a grocery store or need a speedy model to take downtown, you can find it on this list. Pay close attention to the special features of each of these electric scooters before making a final decision. Speed, battery life, price, and comfort should be major concerns for anyone considering buying three-wheel electric scooters.

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